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Apprenticeships are an excellent method to gain hands-on experience and understand the ins and outs of the accounting profession.

It's the ideal moment to make sure that you're offering apprenticeships as a study route for your students because more firms are wanting to provide them as a means to develop and enhance their staff. Apprenticeship programmes in accounting will also improve the services you can provide to students of all ages.

It will be possible for you to connect with students who want to continue their education while also gaining the priceless practical experience that a vocational degree offers if you include accounting apprenticeships in your current course portfolio.

You can assist and upskill members of your neighbourhood community by providing apprenticeships.


Delivering apprenticeships in England

In England, the government has put in place the apprenticeship levy and other measures to assist with funding apprenticeships. An End Point Assessment Organization (EPAO) that offers assessments for apprentices is Alphaskill.

Delivering apprenticeships in Scotland

With the Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy now accessible alongside the existing Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland, there has never been a better opportunity to add apprenticeships to your course portfolio.


Delivering apprenticeships in Wales

An apprentice in Wales adheres to the approved Welsh Apprenticeship Framework, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge, abilities, and credentials. The accounting framework is an organised method for teaching and developing accounting technicians and aspiring accountants, and funding assistance from the government is offered.


Apprenticeships are available to everyone.

Many people believe that apprenticeships are graduates and are only offered to individuals seeking to enter conventional trades like plumbing and joinery.

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